Troubleshooting WSFC Error 19471 in SQL Server Always On Environments by SQLOPS 

Nigel Menezes
Troubleshooting WSFC Error 19471 in SQL Server Always On Environments by SQLOPS

Troubleshooting WSFC Error 19471 in SQL Server Always On Environments by SQLOPS 

When deploying SQL Server Always On Availability Groups, the underlying Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) plays a pivotal role in ensuring high availability and disaster recovery. However, administrators may encounter Error 19471, which prevents the cluster from bringing the network name resource online. This SQLOPS guide provides a comprehensive approach to identifying and resolving this error, ensuring your SQL Server environment remains resilient and highly available. 

Understanding Error 19471 

Error 19471 is indicative of issues within the WSFC setup, specifically relating to the network name resource—a crucial component for client connectivity to the cluster. 

Common Causes: 

  • Incorrect DNS configuration or stale DNS records. 
  • Insufficient permissions for the Cluster Name Object (CNO) in Active Directory. 
  • Conflicts with existing computer objects in Active Directory. 

Resolution Steps 

Verify DNS Configuration 

Objective: Ensure that DNS entries for the WSFC and its associated network name resource are correctly configured. 

Check DNS Records: 

Confirm that the A record for the cluster’s network name exists in DNS and points to the correct IP address. 

Validate Active Directory Permissions 

The Cluster Name Object (CNO) must have adequate permissions to update DNS records and authenticate within the domain. 

Adjust CNO Permissions: 

  • Locate the CNO in Active Directory Users and Computers. 
  • Ensure it has Read and Write permissions to its computer object. 

Resolve Active Directory Conflicts 

Conflicting computer objects in Active Directory can prevent the network name resource from coming online. 

Identify and Remove Conflicts: 

  • Search Active Directory for any computer objects that might conflict with the CNO. 
  • If safe, remove conflicting objects or consult with your AD administrators for resolution. 

Test and Verify Cluster Operation 

With DNS and Active Directory issues addressed, attempt to bring the network name resource online again through the Failover Cluster Manager. 

Bring Resource Online: 

  • In the Failover Cluster Manager, navigate to the Resources section. 
  • Right-click on the network name resource and select Bring Online

Error 19471 can be a formidable obstacle in managing SQL Server Always On Availability Groups, but with a systematic approach to troubleshooting DNS and Active Directory issues, it can be resolved. This guide by SQLOPS equips SQL Server administrators with the knowledge to tackle this challenge, ensuring your high availability and disaster recovery strategies remain on solid ground. 

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