Case Study

Insurance Company Achieves Efficiency Gains and Cost Savings After Transitioning to SQLOPS Database Engineers From Internal DBA 

This case study delves into how an insurance company revolutionized its database management practices by transitioning from an Internal DBA group to SQLOPS, resulting in remarkable improvements in responsiveness, database knowledge, and substantial cost savings. 


Company Description: An Insurance Company

A leading provider of insurance solutions dedicated to protecting individuals, families, and businesses from unforeseen risks and uncertainties. With a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products including life, health, auto, home, and business insurance.


The insurance company found Itself in a bind as they lacked skilled database engineers capable of efficiently handling complex database issues. This skill gap further compounded their challenges in managing database operations effectively. Moreover, difficulties in obtaining timely support, high estimates for critical tasks, and an oversized database infrastructure post-migration to AWS exacerbated the situation, leaving them struggling to navigate through a maze of operational inefficiencies and escalating costs. These hurdles underscored the critical need for a strategic solution to address their database management woes. 


They encountered various challenges with their internal DBA group, including delays in support, high cost estimates for critical tasks, a lack of skilled database engineers, and an oversized database infrastructure post-migration to AWS. These challenges resulted in prolonged downtimes, compromised system performance, and increased operational costs, ultimately impacting overall business productivity and customer satisfaction.

Solution Implemented

SQLOPS brought a new level of responsiveness, providing dedicated experts readily available to address support inquiries and critical tasks such as creating read replicas or optimizing database performance. This proactive approach minimized downtime and operational disruptions, facilitating faster issue resolution and enhancing overall system reliability. Moreover, SQLOPS provided cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs, resulting in remarkable improvements in operational efficiency. The expertise and guidance offered by SQLOPS also helped bridge the skill gap within their organization, empowering their internal teams to address database challenges more effectively. By leveraging SQLOPS’ comprehensive support and guidance, they were able to streamline their database management processes and lay the foundation for long-term success. 

Key Benefits

SQLOPS’s implementation brought about significant improvements, including cost savings, improved responsiveness, optimized database infrastructure, and enhanced scalability. By partnering with SQLOPS, the insurance company experienced streamlined database management processes, faster issue resolution, increased system reliability, and greater flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. This transformation empowered them to reallocate resources strategically, invest in growth areas, and position itself for sustained innovation and success in a competitive market landscape.

The Results



reduction in database management costs


Improved Responsiveness


increase in database performance


increase in database scalability


Reduction in Server Downtime


Automation Efficiency


Improved Disaster Recovery Capabilities


reduction in Query run-time