The Most Advanced Database Risk and Health Assessment

Our most advanced and proactive SQL Server risk assessment exposes risk and health vulnerabilities, non-optimal settings, & many improvement opportunities.



Proactive Risk and Health Audit

Get your production database environment audited by our award winning database risk assessment service. We perform 12000+ audit checks of your database environment covering various aspects including Configuration, Performance, Security, Availability, SQL Agent, Maintenance, Administration, Architecture Design, and other areas of SQL Server.

Top SQL Server Industry Challenges

  • Performance Related Problems 80% 80%
  • Configuration Related Problems 60% 60%
  • Availability Related Problems 65% 65%
  • Security Issues (Server, Database & Objects) 75% 75%
  • Maintenance Related Problems 35% 35%
  • Other Database Problems 25% 25%
SQL Server Risk Assessment

Our proactive risk and health audit helps expose vulnerabilities, non-optimal settings, data corruption and other potential improvement opportunities in your database environment and operational processes.

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Risk & Health Audit Categories

Below are some of the areas we audit as part of our risk assessment. Overall we perform 12000+ audit checks.

SQL Server Security Audit

Security Audit

Security audit is thoroughly performed at server, database and at every single object level.

SQL Server Performance Audit

Performance Audit

Performance audit is performed on Server, Databases, SPROCs, Functions, Code, Queries, Query plans and more.

SQL Server Configuration Audit

Configuration Audit

Configuration audit is performed on servers, databases and other areas of SQL Server and cloud based database SQL Azure.

SQL Server Maintenance Audit

Maintenance Audit

Maintenance audit is performed to check if all maintenance tasks for SQL Server have been implemented and are running.

SQL Server HADR Audit

HA/DR Audit

High Availability and Disaster Recovery audit checks for configuration, Readiness, Security, Agent Jobs, and more for HA/DR of your environment.

SQL Server Jobs Audit

Agent Jobs Audit

This audit checks for optimal configuration of all Agent jobs including, failures, owners, history, execution duration and more.

SQL Server Disk IO, CPU, Memory Audit

IO, CPU & Memory

This audit goes thru hardware components to check the optimal usage of SQL Server & delivers improvement opportunities.

SQL Server Database Design Audit

Database Design

In this phase of audit, we look at the architecture for database scalability, reliability, security, resiliency, data model review, data retention, etc.

Testimonials from our customers

I’m not very involved in maintaining the systems reviewed, but I learned a ton regarding database performance and configuration issues. I now know the pitfalls to avoid and how to make better engineering decisions in building new database systems.

Jose K

Service Engineer (Finance Industry)

I’ve been a DBA for 12 years and I have to say that the review was very helpful as it captured and articulated the discrete work items and their ROI. Many of these items had been known or suspected, but there were many that were not previously known.

Pete M

Principal DBA (IT Industry)

The audit exemplified customer focus, well thought-out coverage, attention to detail, precision and clear presentation. Overall the details serve us very well as a reminder of work to follow up on for best practices, and enlightened us to areas we hadn’t considered.

Mike D

DBA Lead (Health Industry)

SQL Server Risk Assessment

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Our promise! If we don’t find any problems with your environment, we will not bill you for risk assessment service.


Frequently asked questions about risk and health assessment service:

Is there a money back guarantee if no issues are discovered in my environment?
Yes! we offer 100% money back guarantee if we do not find any issue in your environment as part of risk and health assessment service.
How much does risk and health assessment cost?
This answer depends on how many database servers you have in your environment that you would like audited. Please contact us at and we can discuss the details.

Important: We believe in delivering 100% quality and that our pricing is most economical and affordable and competitive in the market.

Do you offer any discounts to government organizations or not-for-profit organizations?
We offer 50% discount to government and not-for-profit organizations in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia.
How will the risk assessment performed?
Our highly experienced team member will reach out to you by scheduling a meeting and collect preliminary information and schedule processes to collect audit data. Once the data collection completes, we will analyze the data against best practices and will provide solution for each of the issues by identifying and articulating the details in the technical findings package. All critical and important issues will be explained in detail and a remediation plan along with a prioritized list will be provided as one of the key deliverables of this service.
Will the data collected for audit be shared with anyone?
Absolutely not. First, we will never collect any business related data but system, databases and object related data. Second, all the data collected will be shared only with the designated members of your team. You can be rest assured that your business data is not touched in any way by our team.
What permissions are required to perform risk assessment?
In order for us to effectively perform risk assessment for your environment, we request that you provide us with the following temporary permissions.

Network Access: VPN/RAS/RDP/Desktop Sharing, Etc.
Operating System: Local Admin with RDP Access
SQL Server: SysAdmin

Note: If for any reason you are not comfortable with the above security access, let us know and we can discuss for other arrangements.

How much time does it take to deliver risk and health assessment?
We want your investment to be worth. We will pay attention to every single detail which could take from few days to few weeks. Please note that every single client is important to us therefore, we will not charge you by the hours or by the days but by the service.
Will your assessment make any changes to our system?
No! We will not make any changes to your system. However, for the purpose of risk and health assessment, we will create some temporary objects which will be deleted immediately after the data collection completes.
Will there be any performance degradation when assessment is performed?
No! Our risk assessment process will not degrade the performance of your database or application.
Will you help remediate problems discovered as part of risk assessment?
Absolutely! We will help remediate every single problem by providing you with step by step instructions to each problem or in many cases, we will provide you with scripts that you can simply run on the affected server to address the issue. *You must test each script we provide in the test environment before you implement it in the production environment.
Can you perform this service on-site?
Yes, we can perform this service on-site in USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, Singapore and all of Europe. Travel and accommodation cost will be discussed with you and will be billed as part of the service.
Who should I contact if there are questions?
You can contact our team at any time by emailing us at Alternatively, you can also reach out to us by filling out the engage us form above. We look forward to working with you.