Encrypting Table values in SQL Server

Aman Raiyyani
Encrypting Table values in SQL Server

There are several methods to encrypt table values in SQL Server. One of the most common methods is to use built-in encryption functions such as ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE and DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE.

Here’s an example of how to encrypt the values in a table column called “CreditCardNumber” using the ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE function:

— Create a passphrase

DECLARE @passphrase NVARCHAR(256) = ‘mysecretkey’;

— Create a new column for the encrypted data


ADD EncryptedCreditCardNumber VARBINARY(256);

— Update the table to encrypt the data

UPDATE Customers

SET EncryptedCreditCardNumber = ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE(@passphrase, CreditCardNumber);

— Drop the original column


DROP COLUMN CreditCardNumber;

— Rename the encrypted column

EXEC sp_rename ‘Customers.EncryptedCreditCardNumber’, ‘CreditCardNumber’, ‘COLUMN’;

In this example, we first create a passphrase, which is used as the encryption key. We then create a new column called “EncryptedCreditCardNumber” and use the ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE function to encrypt the values in the “CreditCardNumber” column. We then drop the original column and rename the encrypted column to its original name.

To decrypt the data, you can use the DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE function:

— Declare the passphrase

DECLARE @passphrase NVARCHAR(256) = ‘mysecretkey’;

— Decrypt the data

SELECT CreditCardNumber, CAST(DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE(@passphrase, CreditCardNumber) AS NVARCHAR(50)) AS ‘DecryptedCreditCardNumber’

FROM Customers

It’s worth noting that this method uses symmetric key encryption, which means that the same key is used for both encryption and decryption. Another method is to use Asymmetric key encryption where the encryption key is different from the decryption key.

It’s also important to store the passphrase securely and to backup the encryption keys in a safe place.

It’s highly recommended to use the built-in encryption functions of SQL Server, like Always Encrypted or Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) which provides more secure and robust encryption.

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