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We received excellent support from SQLOPS team during our the database upgrade to reduce the costs and keep performance quality high at the same time. Recommendations on using read replica (we were apprehensive to make that change on the day of the upgrade but thanks to SQLOPS who assured us that it would benefit the performance and was a low risk change) , transparency on what and how the database was being set up is highly appreciated. The support continues after the upgrade as well with same level of committment which is commendable. Overall an awesome team to be working with who know what they are doing!
Vincy Matthew

Sr. Software Engineer





Cloud Migration Challenges and Business Value

Data migration to the cloud offers several benefits including reduced IT costs, improved performance and more. However, the data migration process presents key challenges for business including planning, cost, knowledge, resources, etc. Here are some of the challenges and business values of migrating to the Cloud using SQLOPS Cloud Migration Service.

Migration Challenges


Detailed planning and business goals

Migrating your database workload requires extensive planning including defining the business goals and working with business, technical and leadership stakeholders. 

Investment of time, energy and cost

Migrating to the cloud without proper planning leads to loss of time, energy, cost and more importantly business outage. SQLOPS team will ensure that you receive the highest ROI.

Data Security and Govt. Compliance

Understanding and designing the security for your data in the cloud could be very challenging therefore, it is important to ensure data security and compliance is baked in to the data migration strategy.

Business downtime

Cutting over from old environment to the cloud environment experiences business outage . To avoid business outage or downtime, data migration to the cloud requires careful planning and execution.

Knowledge Transfer (KT Sessions)

Just migrating to the cloud is not enough for organizations success. It is important for vendors to perform knowledge transfer to IT professionals and developers.
Business Value

Huge Cost Savings

Migrating to the cloud results in significant savings in H/W costs, and its management, maintenance, datacenter costs, with the ability to scale-up, down and optimize your business workloads.

Scalability and flexibility

Migrating to the cloud offers the flexibility of using and paying only for the resources used giving businesses the flexibility to address on-demand resource spikes without having to provision for new hardware.

Regulatory Compliance

Industry leading cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS meet compliance requirements providing huge advantage for highly regulated industries across the globe.

Backup Recovery and Failover

Cloud technologies offer built-in, one-click backup of data with point-in-time recovery capabilities eliminating the task of performing regular backups with the ability to restore to a different region.

Management and Monitoring

Most cloud service providers allow organizations to manage and monitor their databases using a central monitoring and management tool eliminating the cost of buying 3rd party tools.


During the discovery process, we create a blueprint of your database usage, dependencies, applications which will help us build a solid migration strategy.


During this phase, we assess source & target instances, compatibility, functionality issues, performance & reliability issues, and everything else.


In this phase, we will perform the migration using the preferred method and ensure the databases, and every object is succesfully migrated as expected.


During this phase, we work with your teams to perform the cutover to ensure the databases and workload is now switched to the newly migrated environment.


This is the crucial phase where we reconcile for data accuracy, completeness and address any post-migration performance issues with the workload.

migrate data from On-premise to iaas

infrastructure as a service cloud (IAAS)

If you've been running your production databases on-premise, you would know how expensive and tedious it is to manage your production database servers from your on-premise hardware. Migrating your production databases to the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud, will yield several benefits including scalability, availability, lower TCO, Industry-leading security, and more.

SQLOPS will work with you to understand your goals and will help provide a complete solution to modernize your infrastructure without any business outage or interruptions.

Modernize Your Data Infrastructure Today with SQLOPS

migrate from on-premise to paas 

platform as a service cloud (PAAS)


PaaS Cloud platform provides the ability to host databases in the cloud without worrying about hardware and software. It takes away the headache of managing the physical security of the database, scaling the hardware, patching, backing up databases and more and provides a low cost solution that helps reduce your overall cost of database hosting and its management. Both Azure and AWS provides PaaS solutions.

SQLOPS has helped successfully migrate hundreds of SQL Server databases from to both Azure and AWS PaaS cloud.

end-to-end data migration to the cloud with SQLOPS

migrate from iaas to Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service


With multi-petabyte migrations from EC2, Azure VM, and On-premise servers to Amazon RDS, SQLOPS takes away your headache of migrating your database to Amazon RDS including the migration of Agent jobs, O/S level functionalities, Reporting Services, and any other features that you use as part of business application.

Amazon RDS is a fully managed RDBMS which helps:

  • Eliminate the need for H/W provisioning
  • Software Patching, Automated Backups
  • SQL Server installation and configuration
  • Single-click high availability with multiple nodes
  • Auto-scale storage and H/W resources with zero downtime and more.

Migrate from IAAS to Azure SQL

Azure SQL Database (PAAS)

With more than 8 years of experience migrating databases to Azure SQL, SQLOPS is an industry leader providing Azure SQL Migration services to fortune 500 companies. We have saved millions of dollars in sizing the right Azure SQL Database SKU Based on workload.

Azure SQL Database is a powerful cloud-computing database service from Microsoft that provides true PaaS functionality including but not limited to:

  1. Automate  backups with Point-in-time restore and keep them for up to 10 years
  2. One-click replica to distribute your reporting workload
  3. Highest database availability  with the ability to scale the DB up and down with no downtime
  4. Database encryption at rest, IP restriction
  5. Automatically tune database performance-related issues and more.

What makes SQLOPS Unique Cloud Migration Provider

  • Cloud Migration Satisfaction Rating 99% 99%
  • SQLOPS Goes Above and Beyond? 100% 100%
  • SQLOPS Helps Save Dollars 85% 85%
  • Overall Knowledge of SQLOPS Team 97% 97%
  • Does SQLOPS deliver on time? 99% 99%

Dedicated and certified Cloud engineers

We dedicate a team of certified principal level Cloud Data Engineers to ensure your data is seamlessly migrated to the cloud no matter what challenges.

Data Privacy and compliance

We respect your data privacy and company policy to ensure your valuable data never leaves your environment.

daily/frequent migration updates

We believe in over-communicating. We provide daily updates on the progress of the migration or if there’s a blocker that needs attention.

24x7 migration support

We are available 24×7 even after the completion of the migration to ensure your databases are working as expected.

We support industry leading clouds

We support both IaaS and PaaS Cloud migration on Microsoft AzureAmazon AWS and Google Cloud technologies.