Find missing indexes and improve query performance

Find Missing Indexes before going into production Find missing indexes the right way! First of all, finding a missing index is not a rocket science. Always find and create missing indexes before you deploy the code to the production environment....

What are users executing from SSMS

What are users executing using SSMS? During a customer review meeting, one of the DBA asked if there’s a quick way to find out What are users executing using SSMS. Though this information can easily be obtained from SP_Who2 system stored procedure, the DBA...

Cannot generate SSPI Context in SQL Server

Cannot Generate SSPI Context is a generic connectivity error you may encounter while working with SQL Server. One of our customer had a new installation of SQL Server and ran in to this error. After hours of head scratching, customer emailed us with the...

SQL Server Developer Edition Free Download

Get a copy of SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition SQL Server developer edition is now free! Finally, Microsoft has made it easy for companies to develop and test SQL Server 2017 by making the developer edition of SQL Server completely free. This is certainly...

SP_What is smarter than SP_Who2

SP_What is smarter than SP_Who2! We’ve seen many DBAs scratch their head to find out who is running what in SQL Server. When a user complains about the database performance issue, the first thing DBAs do is run SP_Who or SP_Who2 to see what may be...

SQL Agent Job Failure Permanent Fix

Many production DBA’s have asked if there’s a way to find out how many times a job has failed in the last few months. This information can easily be obtained and can be extremely helpful to identify and permanently fix SQL Agent job failures.

Optimize for Ad Hoc Workload in SQL Server

By default, when a query is executed in SQL Server, it compiles and generates an execution plan and stores it in the plan cache. If this is a one-off or ad-hoc query that will never be run again, then the newly generated plan is wasted and its space that is being used in the plan cache is also wasted. This means the buffer pool now contains compiled plan of queries that will never be executed.

How to rebuild indexes in SQL Server

We get many requests to help with performance issues. we strongly recommend users to sign up: SELECT AS 'SchemaName', object_name(sqlfrag.object_id) AS 'TableName', AS 'IndexName', sqlfrag.alloc_unit_type_desc AS 'AllocUnitType',...

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