Case Study

A Financial Company Achieves 70% Efficiency Gains and Saves Big with SQLOPS Guided Database Upgrade

A leading financial services provider, sought streamlined operations and cost efficiency. Transitioning to SQLOPS from its internal DBA group addressed issues of responsiveness and resource allocation.

This case study outlines how the move resulted in significant cost savings and improved database performance and responsiveness.


Company description: A financial company

Serves as a trusted partner for individuals, businesses, and institutions. Specializing in areas such as banking, wealth management, investment advisory, and insurance, they offer solutions designed to optimize financial well-being, facilitate growth, and mitigate risks



The financial company’s journey began amidst the complexities of managing a vast and intricate database infrastructure. Despite the dedicated efforts of its internal DBA group, they encountered challenges in ensuring data reliability amidst rising operational demands. Timely support was scarce, expertise was limited, and costs were spiralling.  

The migration to AWS further compounded the situation, leaving them grappling with an oversized and unwieldy database environment. As the backbone of critical financial operations, data reliability emerged as a paramount concern, necessitating a strategic solution to fortify their database management framework. 



The internal DBA group faced several challenges in keeping up with the fast-paced business world. They didn’t have skilled database engineers to handle complex database issues efficiently, which led to problems with optimizing performance.  

Their database was not able to handle the company’s growing data needs, and they struggled to use resources effectively, wasting money on unnecessary hardware and software. The diverse range of applications, from customer relationship management systems to financial reporting tools, presented unique database requirements that strained the team’s capabilities. Issues with application performance, data integrity, and scalability were common, leading to disruptions in critical business processes.  

Meeting security standards and regulatory requirements was tough, especially with older systems in place. The mix of different database systems made things even more complicated, and they often reacted to problems instead of preventing them ahead of time. 


We’ve seen significant improvements since switching from our Internal DBA group to SQLOPS, in particular improved responsiveness and database knowledge. SQLOPS has been great at responding quickly and answering any questions/support issues in a timely efficient manner. These changes have saved significant costs without a hit to performance. SQLOPS Team has always been quick to respond and clearly has significant knowledge and passion for SQL Database administration. We’re very lucky to have SQLOPS on our team.

Jeff Schroeder

Director Application Dev


The financial company turned to SQLOPS as a solution to its database management woes. By leveraging the expertise and responsiveness of SQLOPS specialists, they aimed to streamline operations and optimize resource allocation. The transition to SQLOPS marked a strategic shift towards cost-effective and efficient database management. 

key benefits 

The financial company’s adoption of SQLOPS marked a transformative shift in its database management strategy, yielding significant enhancements across various fronts. The implementation led to improved responsiveness, streamlined operations, optimized resource allocation, enhanced performance, and seamless scalability. This strategic migration empowered them to navigate the evolving business landscape with agility and efficiency, setting a new standard for operational excellence in the financial services sector.

The Results



increase in overall efficiency


reduction in overall query run-time


improvement in database performance


increase in data volume


Annual Savings


Return on Investment


Customer Retention


Regulatory Compliance