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Whether you deal with patients medical records, accounting, financial, credit card or any data that contains PII (personally identifiable information), SQLOPS can help you be compliant with government regulations.

HIPAA Readiness Service for SQL Servers
Our Mission Is to Help You Protect PHI Data and be HIPAA Ready

  • Are external access locked down and secured?
  • Are you sure all Access granted for PHI data is secured?
  • Are you sure, PHI data is encrypted and if encryption is working?
  • Are you sure the latest security patches are deployed?
  • Do you know who has access to PHI data?
  • Do you know how to identify PHI data in a database with hundreds  of columns and objects?
  • Are vendors given restrictive access to use PHI data?
  • Are IT Team’s Admin rights monitored for PHI data?
  • Do you regularly check database Audit logs?
  • Do you regularly check users permissions?
  • Do you know what vendors are doing with the Admin permissions you give them?
  • Do you plan to beat your database security system?


  • Do you know if your vendors or partners are using Open Source database?
  • Do you know if security features are turned on in Open Source database?


  • Does your Test database contain PHI data from production environment?
  • Is Test database accessible by people that are NOT approved for accessing PHI data?


  • Do you have and are checking Backup & Retention Policy for PHI data?
  • Are you performing periodical database backup recovery excercise to ensure backup integrity?


Why is HIPAA Compliance Important?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) was created to modernize the flow of healthcare information, stipulate how Personally Identifiable Information maintained by the healthcare organizations should be protected from fraud and theft. HIPAA regulatory compliance requires you to provide evidence that appropriate database security controls are in place.


HIPAA Violations

HIPAA violations (single or multiple) can be pursued by both State and Federal regulators.

Civil & Criminal Penalties

Violations can result in criminal penalties ranging from one-year and up to 10 years imprisonment.

Millions in Fines

HIPAA violations may result in fines of $100 per violation to $1.5 million dollars per violations.

List of U.S. organizations with recent civil penalties for HIPAA violations

“SQLOPS HIPAA Readiness is a state-of-the-art service uniquely positioned to assist your organization with HIPAA requirements and compliance for your SQL Servers. Our HIPAA database audit service goes through a rigorous process to identify every single issue to meet HIPAA requirements and compliance. With over 30 years of experience in providing health solution and data management, we expose and re-mediate any and all SQL Server HIPAA vulnerabilities with actionable intelligence.”

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