The MOST ADVANCED Audit for Production Databases
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The ONLY production audit you’ll need


We expose and remediate any and all vulnerabilities by performing MOST DETAILED assessment covering all aspects of your production databases.





Get 360 degree view in to the health of your production database with actionable intelligence and readiness for government compliance including HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, PCI, etc.





Database Audit Conditions

Unlike others in the industry, we perform over 25,000 audit checks covering every single detail.



Proactive audit with attention to every detail

Our state-of-the-art proactive risk and health audit goes through a rigorous process to identify every issue from your database regardless of its size and load and is inspected with attention to every single detail.

Risk Identification

SQLOPS Team performs a detailed assessment of your production database environment including the O/S by identifying issues and risks

Classification & Assessment

The data collected as part of the assessment enables SQLOPS team to identify risks, issues and any improvement opportunities

Risk Reduction Plan

SQLOPS creates a remediation plan by identifying issues and assigning priorities with a detailed explanation for every single item

Customer Review

We then schedule an educational session with customer to go thru all the issues identified, its priorities and a detailed strategy for risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation Action

SQLOPS team works closely with your team to execute the remediation plan and to mitigate risk and any issues identified during the assessment.

Documentation & Reporting

SQLOPS reassess & prepares a detailed report by comparing with the first audit to make sure all the issues have been addressed

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