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With our advanced database management service, we will  manage, maintain, troubleshoot, and support your databases 24×7 delivering highest business ROI
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Dedicated DBA Team

We do not share DBA’s between multiple clients. Depending upon the size of your production DB  environment, we build and dedicate a team of DBAs with minimum of 10 years of production experience.

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

We proactively monitor your production databases using our proprietary real-time monitoring and alerting tools ensuring your databases are always healthy.

Always in compliance

With our state-of-the-art and the most advanced health and risk audit, we always keep the databases in compliance.

Dedicated Health Dashboard

Regardless of the size of your environment or contract, we enable live health metrics for your databases that provide meaningful insights. 


We guarantee to address any incident that is business critical and impacts the availability of data within the SLAs agreed upon.

24x7 support

Rain or Shine! Our DBA team will be available 24×7 to ensure  you receive the  required support  to manage production database environment.

We attend daily stand-up meetings

Unlike other providers, our dedicated team of DBA’s will attend daily stand-up with your team and attend any meetings needed to get the work done. 

We don't lock you in a contract

Unlike others, we do not lock you in multi-year contract. If you are not satisfied with our service, just let us know. 

Always Up-to-Date with Latest Version

We’ll work with you in upgrading the databases (business permitting) to the latest and greatest version. It’s inclusive as part of DBA services.

Guaranteed database availability

We guarantee to provide highest availability for your production database so that you can focus on running the business. 
SQLOPS has been instrumental in getting our SQL Server architecture into its current state that supports maximum efficiency and availability for both our users and internal processes. This has carried forward with their support on transitioning our on-prem environment to the new EC2 environment. They have always been very responsive and very helpful as maintenance issues have arisen and this has been very appreciated over the time our team has worked with SQLOPS.
Kevin Lindsley

Sr. Data Engineer

production Database management service 


We take away your headache of managing, maintaining, troubleshooting and supporting your production databases 24×7. Our DBA services provide HIGHEST ROI so you can focus on more important things for your business.

Every service receives a dedicated highly skilled and certified DBA with 10+ years of expereince managing production databases.

unparallel dba services (all inclusive)

Our state-of-the-art DBA service provides highest ROI for businesses with huge production server reliability. Please review all the areas covered as part of our all-inclusive DBA services.

Installing and Configuring SQL Servers

Building solid foundation is the key to success. SQL Server installation is not an exception. SQLOPS team will work closely with your team to help build the architecture design for your database system including the creation and partitioning of the storage, disk allocation, to automating the installation of SQL Servers to configuring the server and databases per industry best practices.

Database Backups and Restores

Maintaining a good and healthy database backups is our #1 priority. SQLOPS DBA Services ensures a solid backup and restore strategy to handle any adverse or unexpected events. While the standard out-of-the-box database backups are sufficient, we go an extra mile to ensure that your backups run faster, lighter, are compressed, and are successfully restorable. SQLOPS will not only automate a solid strategy for database backups and restores but would also document the strategy along with the steps

Proactive monitoring and alerting

We take the production environment to our heart. Seriously! We strongly believe in being proactive then reactive. As part of our engagement, we will configure lightweight monitors that would give us a 360-degree view of the databases. This would allow our team based in the United States and in India to take any proactive measures to avoid an incident.

Manage Server and Database Security

We take security extremely seriously. Our partners call us super-extra-cautious. We ensure that the access is controlled and granted to only those that are explicitly approved. We help with encrypting specific attributes or the entire dataset to ensure sensitive data is not compromised in any way. We go an extra-mile in helping manage server-level security as well.

Regular Database Maintenance

To ensure that the databases continue to perform optimally, SQLOPS performs weekly maintenance depending upon the area of maintenance. We ensure that your database is in a pristine shape and is ready before the week starts while proactively monitoring it to be ready to take on the heavy load.

Continuous Performance Optimization

With proactive monitoring, we got our eyes and ears into the behavior and performance of your production environment. We feel proud when we help solve performance issues for your database. We are 24×7 looking for ways to identify performance opportunities from the databases. SQLOPS team is extremely talented and capable to handle and address any performance issues.

Complete Database Management

Managing databases does not mean to only perform database backups and restores or schedule maintenance jobs. We take database management to the next level unlike others. From managing, to maintaining, to administering, to securing, to scaling, and other aspects of database management, we feel confident in saying that we go the whole nine yards with database management.

Capacity Management

If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. We are a huge “Back to the future” fan and apply the same logic when working with any databases. We measure the capacity usage including the storage, memory, compute, connections, log, and more to ensure we are able to scale the production databases proactively and avoid any outage or business interruptions.

Database High Availability (Using AlwayOn)

Our number 1 priority is to keep the lights on. Whether it rains or shines, we at SQLOPS know the importance of keeping the databases up and running. Our team will work with you in building highest availability of your databases based on criticality of your business. Our proactive monitoring ensures that the database is highly available at any time of the day and that it is ready to be recovered in the shortest SLA possible.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

While we ensure that the database is highly available, we also ensure that in the unforeseen events, the databases is disaster recoverable across any geography. SQLOPS engineers will ensure that in the event of a disaster, your database is brought up and made accessible in as quickly as possible within SLAs defined.

Health Monitoring Dashboard

As part of the onboarding process, we build a health dashboard which will provide us and your team in-depth insights into the health of the databases using an extremely lightweight data capture process. SQLOPS engineers use this information to proactively monitor the overall health of the production databases and will take corrective actions proactively to ensure the databases are running in a reliable and stable state.

Change and Release Management

We go the whole nine yards. If your company hasn’t implemented any change management tool or release pipelines, we assist you with change management process by building a workflow around it. SQLOPS team would be available 24×7 to assist your team with any change management requests for production environments.

Tuning and Troubleshooting

We will tweak, tune and troubleshoot all SQL Server related incidents your production environment may experience. SQLOPS will configure required alerts and update health dashboard on a frequent basis to identify any potential issue the server may experience. Our team will proactively and reactively monitor and take appropriate steps to ensure the database is in a healthy and accessible state.

User and Application Connectivity

We ensure that connectivity to the databases is accurately configured when connecting via an application, SQL Server, or any other ODBC connections. SQLOPS team will be standing by to assist any user that runs in to connectivity issues and assist them with SQL Server connectivity issues.

Industry Best Practices

We ensure that any configuration or changes we perform, follows industry best practices. While we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, we make sure that every area of SQL Server is configured by following real-life best practices and are tested, proven and implemented.

Database Storage Management

As part of storage management, we ensure that the storage is properly configured, allocated, partitioned and managed. At SQLOPS, we are light-weight problem embedded in the health dashboard that would alert us based on the % of storage available.

24x7 Support for Business Critical Incidents

We understand the impact business may have in the event of an outage. Our team of experts will be standing-by to address any business-critical incidents/outage to ensure your databases are up and running and in the most optimal and efficient way with minimal impact. You can call us 24×7 in such events.

Proactive Alert Management

Whether it’s a job failure, process blocking, package failure or simply that a process is taking longer than normal. We configure light-weight alerts management system that would allow us to alert important events to our support team or your team based on the severity of the incident. Our alerts go beyond the traditional email and pager systems.

Regular Security and Health Audits

To ensure your database environment is always in secured, optimal and pristine state, we regularly will perform security and health audits to ensure (using out state-of-the-art SQLOPS audit) your database is always in compliance with Govt regulations whether it’s HIPAA/SOX/PCI/GDPR/Etc.

Monitor ETL and Agent Jobs

Agent jobs are important and a single failure could impact the stability of your production databases. At SQLOPS, as part of proactive monitoring, we help categorize and monitor every single SQL Server Agent job and ensure that any failures or delays are investigated and reported. In many cases, based on available TSG’s (Troubleshoting Guides) we can also take corrective action.
Looking for something else?

If you have a custom requirement that is not listed in this list, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will make every effort to accomodate any custom or tailored requests.